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You know the right thing to say to the right person at the right time in order to make things right. When it comes to the members of the opposite sex, you have your field day because the sweet words come out naturally. It is as if you were meant for each other. You have a natural ability to pick out the right moments to make it even better. Your problem is to overcome your over-cautious nature as far as intimate relationships are concerned.

When it is all about hooking up, you are fine with that, but becoming a romantic partner for a longer period brings goose pimples.

You get easily disillusioned, thereby letting your side that is cautious to take the better of you. Your main power source is the Uranus planet. It is distant and full of gas. It is the gaseous state of the Uranus that is most relevant to your personality because it is always moving and unsettled.

Daily Horoscopes: February 8, 12222

You and your relationships, as well as your goals and ideas, are always on the move. If you can be in a position to utilize the side of the Uranus that is stable, you can go far in your life.

Your life is run by the air as your element. Your personality is affected by the air aspect of being a fast energy. It is mobile and light. The same applies to your tendency of coming up with new and exciting ideas all the time. The rate at which your mind moves is very fast.

You make matters hard for yourself when you get excited about the current new idea that comes to your mind, forgetting about what you were working on.

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That is the reason why, you cannot get anything going for a very long time and thus, you are not in a position to accomplish a big goal. You are the type of person who likes to see, observe and value all kinds of phenomena in the world and in your work environment with your colleagues. Contrary to the belief that people born on February 8 are hypersensitive, you can be nonchalant, ugly, relaxed, inconspicuous.

People working with you can find you to be very problematic because of your abrupt change of mood, opinion, starting new projects and abandoning them as fast as you started them. Although you are very creative, since you rarely finish one project, you are also a very confusing person. In your career and life purpose, you can show some extreme social presence or extreme dullness with no middle grounds.

There are so many nonimportant projects that you abandon along the way in your life.

Lucky color

But in everything that you do, you are either at the bottom or in the center of a universally accepted system of values. You are the type of person who is eccentric to the point that you can be discredited even if you show great innovation and knowledge. You tend to perform better in creative positions, including humanitarian causes. You have a great way when it comes to organizing people around causes and ideas.

While you are a great background visionary or a planning team member, when it comes to producing results and implementation, that is not your job.

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As much as you would want to do it, you are not just up to the task because you are easily distracted. That is why you will rise to a certain level, then you remain stuck in a very long time in one position because you are unable to focus for a long time to take your career to the next level. Your lucky color is purple and it represents passion, rarity, and a nobility of sorts. Your other lucky colors include blue, gold, and teal. Your lucky numbers include 49, 28, 17, 15, 9, 7, 4, 19, 32, 39, 44, and Your power lucky number is 1.

Your lucky plant is Petunia. Your lucky animal is a duck. Your lucky stone is a cymophane. Your lucky professions include librarian, composer, and doorman.

February Zodiac Sign – Zodiac Signs

You are the type of person who can give a pep talk. You know how to get people excited about a cause that is common. You know how to rally people around an idea that is shared. You are very creative and it is not hard for you to attract favorable attention. You pursue your goal up to a certain level and when the goal is about to bear fruit, you give up on it.

In the process, it slows down your emotional maturity as far as commitments are concerned. You should try and avoid changing your mind constantly. Even though you need to give yourself some space for contingencies and versatility, you should remember that there is a distinct between being nimble and deft and losing all.

If you get to know the difference, you will go very far in your life. When people born on this day find a project that captures their interest they have all the drive and determination they need to succeed; procrastination will become a thing of the past. They can think on a grand scale, and once they learn how to project success they may well find that their bright ideas lead to great progress and reform. People born on February 8 Zodiac may find it hard to give their all in a relationship as they can often be preoccupied with their thoughts and with the problems of others.

Their partner may feel as if they are being excluded since these people can tend to live in a world of their own ideas. Once they find a partner who can nurture them as much as they nurture others, they can become an extremely loyal, loving and happy partner. People born on this day can sometimes take an irresponsible approach to their health; indulging in too much rich food, partying and sensual pleasures.

They may also be a little lazy and should learn that too much sleep can be as bad for their health as too little. They also need to learn that too much pleasure and not enough responsibility can lead them toward weight problems, drug problems and infections.

A healthy balanced diet and plenty of exercise along with meditation to help them become aware of their self-destructive tendencies are highly recommended. Wearing, meditating or sur-rounding themselves with the color green and listening to upbeat music will help bring calm, chasing worries and anxieties away. These people may not become psychics but they will have great intuitive powers to put to use in their chosen career, although they tend to thrive best in careers where they are allowed a lot of freedom. Their ability to see the bigger picture and project ahead makes them excellent designers, property developers, stock market traders, and architects.

They may also be intellectuals, planners, or weather forecasters.

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Their empathy and communication skills may draw them toward careers in education, advertising, the media, or even the arts, where they can excel in writing, acting, and music. The life path of people born on this day is to learn to set clear boundaries between themselves and others. Once they understand the impact they have on others and the impact others have on them their destiny is to bring greater harmony and understanding to the world.

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